What is it, and how can it benefit you? 

One of the services that's covered by Long Term Care Insurance is known as Adult Day Care.  Just as it sounds, adult day care is a facility in which older adults that need supervision can go during the day while their family members are off at work and school, and needing respite from caring for their elders.  

Seniors Socializing

These facilities come in several different levels of care, providing options to you based on your specific needs.  Some facilities are geared more for social interaction with planned activities that benefit both seniors that need supervision as well as elders who are lonely.  These structured facilities provide positive social engagement, well-being, and an opportunity for people to get out of the house.  Other facilities are more focused on actual health care and therapy with nursing staff.  And lastly some facilities are focused on specific disabilities such as Alzheimers and Dementia.  With the variety of options, adult day care becomes a fairly broad concept which allows people to find a program that's just right for them.  

These programs are great for a lot of different scenarios where elders are living at home or with family.  They include a safe and professional environment where both meals and intellectual stimulation is offered.  Some facilities offer pickup and drop off services as well as transportation to outings, so this can really improve both the lives of the elder as well as their care giving family members.  

Many folks may never want to leave their home, and Adult Day Care is a great way for them to remain living at home while still getting care and getting out of the house.   And with a Long Term Care Alternative Insurance policy that covers these expenses, it makes sense to consider getting some coverage for the future.  

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